What Hath the Dragon Wrought

DM Name: Darkmask


Faithen: Level 1 Human(?) Fighter
Brian Love: Level 2 Beastfolk Bard
Layla Merle: Level 2 Changeling Wizard
Dusky: Level 1 Beastfolk Scout


1) Dragonwrought Kobold, CR 1/2
2) Dragonwrought Kobold, CR 1/2
3) Dragonwrought Kobold, CR 1/2
4) Dragonwrought Kobold, CR 1/2
5) Riding Dog, CR 1
6) Riding Dog, CR 1
7) Half-Dragon Kobold, CR 3


Faithen: 525 EXP
Brian: 525 EXP
Layla: 525 EXP
Dusky: 525 EXP


Faithen: 788 Gold, One Masterwork Item not exceeding 350 GP in cost, 1 Blessed Bandage
Brian: 788 Gold, One Masterwork Item not exceeding 350 GP in cost, 1 Blessed Bandage
Layla: 788 Gold, One Masterwork Item not exceeding 350 GP in cost, 1 Blessed Bandage
Dusky: 788 Gold, One Masterwork Item not exceeding 350 GP in cost, 1 Blessed Bandage

Quest Summary:

A quest commissioned from the Temple of Bahamut, much to Layla's personal amusement, it would appear the kobolds have been raiding merchants traveling to Avalon for three days in a row. The fact that a kobold troupe was being to methodical in their raids was one thing, but the fact that not a single one of the merchant carts could defend themselves from being raided was another, and it worried the church, which could not offer its own members due to its numbers being stretched too thin. The Paladin commissioning the adventurers on behalf of the temple, however, would provide them directions, advise them to strike at evening, and loaned them a traveling cart and old mule, asking them to take care of the kobolds "by any means required."

Taking the cart and mule, the members of the party set off on the trade route targeted by the kobolds, hoping to make it to the mountain's rim by sunset. While traveling, Brian seems to have an immediate liking to Layla, Faithen amused by the interaction, and Dusky enjoying being out and riding in the cart, spirits seemed for the most part, high.

As the sun set they reached the rim of the mountainside, only Dusky able to hear the kobolds readying their ambush, prepared them enough at least no not be caught by surprise, and so the battle was on, the raiders found. The kobolds, however, did not look like typical kobolds, as they rode on their riding dogs and attacked with their slings, in fact, after closer inspection, Brian realized they were, in fact, Dragonwrought Kobolds.

After a lengthy battle it appeared the adventurers had the upper hand, and the raiding kobolds would soon perish, until a line of acid suddenly shot across the landscape, splitting their cart in two and damaging Brian severely. Its breather revealed itself, a vicious Half-Dragon Kobold. This would prove to be a difficult foe to overcome … until Faith, with a mighty cleave, felled it in one swipe. The mighty Half Dragon Kobold, still a kobold to the end as it fell bleeding unto the earth.

With the raid leader defeated, they had one kobold who was not slain, and decided what they should do. Faith decided he wanted the skull of the Half Dragon Kobold as a trophy, while the others brought back the live prisoner for the Paladin. Shocked, but pleased, the Paladin offers sincere thanks on behalf of the church, not only cause he offer a mundane prize of Blessed Bandages, one each, blessed by the clerics of Bahamut themselves, but for bringing back a live kobold to interrogate, has a Masterwork Item commissioned for each of you.

EXP awarded by Jennibear