When The Wicked Walk

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Roka, level 6 foxkin ranger/deepwood sniper
Raydair, level 5 elf rogue/cleric
Nerylos, level 3 lizardkin ranger
Satin, level 5 catfolk soulknife/illithid slayer
Jasper, level 3 ratkin scout

4 skum (CR 2 each, CR 6 total)

Roka: 360 xp
Raydair and Satin: 450 xp for each
Nerylos and Jasper: 540 xp for each

600 gp (from gemstones found left at the site of the ruins)
+1 to one weapon of the player's choice (+1 enhancement max, +2,000 gp value, infused into the party's weapons, as magical backlash from the tower as it collapsed once more)

Quest Summary:
As the party was traveling, they stopped at a nice little inn between some ancient ruins - mostly just a few fallen stones - and a river. Then, as a storm closed in on them, a clawed tower thrust up from the ruins, summoning hideous, shambling creatures from the river! The party had to battle their way through the monsters just to escape with their lives. At the end of the battle, they discovered that the innkeeper had hung himself…because of a guilty conscience. The hideous monsters were people he'd murdered for their money when they stopped at his inn, their innocent blood awakening the power of the ruins. When he killed himself after a furious fight with the party, the tower descended into dormancy once more, and the other creatures went back into the river, their vengeance served.