Wicked Witch

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Kevarl, level 5 draconic izakar sorcerer - Pinged out, poor dear.
Jean-Baptiste Robilar, level 1 human marshal
Darya, level 1 half-orc paladin
Jasper, level 1 ratkin scout
Roka, level 2 foxkin ranger
Satin, level 2 catfolk soulknife
Nerylos, level 3 lizardkin ranger

9 Small winged monkeys (CR 1/3 each, CR 3 total)
CR 2 snapping door trap
1 orc barbarian "Gnash," 1 hobgoblin warlock "Wretch," 1 zombie raven swarm (CR 3 each, CR 6 total)

Kevarl: 500 xp
All others: 600 xp for each

750 gp for each
Can select 1 potion, each, of 300 gp or less, found in the witch's lab.

Quest Summary:
The party was hired by a village to save them from the presence of a half-hobgoblin witch who was terrorizing their little settlement at the base of the Harkness Mountain Range on the continent of Autumn Land. The party had to convince an animated door to let them past without biting them, and then fight through a flock of winged monkeys, before they faced the witch herself, and her stitched together frankenorc, and her swarm of pet zombie ravens. In the process, the party also managed to free a number of unaltered monkeys and ravens as well as "liberate" some very nice lab equipment.