Wings Of Freedom

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Dawn Firestarter, level 2 pantheri rogue
Tialys, level 1 high elf sorcerer
Galen, level 1 human monk
Dahlia, level 4 human paladin
Colt, level 3 equitra fighter
Inara, level 4 human paladin

4 werewolves (CR 3 each, CR 7 total)
Nightmare (CR 5)

Dahlia and inara: 800 each
All others: 900 for each

1,050 gp for each
4 alchemical silver swords
1d4 years added to their lives, or removed from their ages (as desired)
Dahlia got wings (paid for with REP)

Quest Summary:
As the party was travelling through a small village near Les Innocents, the abandoned, cursed orphanage to the north of Avalon City, they met with one of the village elders, who told them how a veiled woman on a nightmare and her four black-garbed female cohorts had stolen eight of the village young women. The party entered the lower parts of the haunted orphanage, and fought their way through the werewolf women guarding the veiled woman (actually a night hag), before besting her nightmare familiar in battle, weakening her, and forcing the hag to flee from the Prime Material Plane! They discovered that the hag had been keeping a shiradi angel, embodiment of freedom, in a great green glass globe, and had been using the eight virgin women as a catalyst, forcing them to kneel, naked beneath it, holding it up while their bodies were magically hardened, to draw out the angel's energies, and make her young. The party overcame her, and Dahlia received great wings in reward, while the party as a whole gained a part of the vigor that the hag had nearly stolen, as a free gift from the angel.