Witch Of The Frozen Wasteland

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Isycar Stormrider, level 1 human fighter
Tristan Artan, level 2 human paladin
Lord Helsbeth the Eleventh, level 1 human hexblade
Lily, level 4 beastfolk monk
Kevarl, ECL 4 izakar draconic sorcerer
O-rin, level 1 human bard

6 level 2 orc warriors (CR 5) and orc berserker (CR 4) - CR 7 total
Orcish plague speaker (CR 7)

Lily and Kevarl: 1,067 xp for each
All others: 1,200 xp for each


  • 1,300 gp for each
  • Each party member may select a masterwork weapon of orcish make of their choosing.

Quest Summary:
While the party was traveling by ship between Autumn Land and Summer Country, returning to Avalon City after some business, their ship was snatched by a powerful current, and dragged into the ice floes of Rimevast. There they encountered the beleaguered son of a jarl, who was being pursued by a powerful band of orcs, including a dangerous witch who had also been the one to turn the ship upward, in an attempt to gain more slaves. After a close fight, the party bested their foes, and were invited back for a great feast at the house of the prince's father, Jarl Ritterman of the Bloodwit Delta.