Within The Well

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Uss D'mzil, level 1 changeling soulknife
Marilene Logan, level 1 mouseling warlock
Miren Ravencourt, level 1 elf bard
Mythiv Rallistance, level 1 human warlock

level 2 human cleric - CR 2
2 Grell - CR 3 each, CR 5 total

600 xp for each

825 gp for each
4 chain shirts (one in need of some repairs)

Quest Summary:
While traveling, the party came across a village about to perform their first desperate sacrifice to a pair of monsters living in a hole in a shrine on one end of their little village. The party intervened, first killing the mad priest who was overseeing this abomination, then killing the monsters.

Quest exp awarded by Jennibear