X Marks The Spot

X Marks the Spot


  • White Hawk, Human Level 17, Wizard
  • Tammuz, Human Level 16, Warlock
  • Kara, Half-Dragon EC 15, Sorcerer
  • Yuria, Elan Level 15, Psion


  • Encounter 1:
    • Riddle Puzzle Trap CR
    • Dimensional Anchor, Modified Anti-Magic Field, Symbol of Death, Wall of Force, Nystul's Magic Aura
    • Solution Opening the Door
    • Party Action Stone Shape to create an escape and Planar Exchange to rescue innocent girl.


  • EXP
    • White-Hawk - 425 EXP
    • Tammuz - 533 EXP
    • Yuria - 300 EXP (Experience awarded for patience and understanding)
    • Kara - 150 EXP (Reduced Experience award for lack of participation)
  • GOLD
    • Time constraints caused quest to end before conclusion, gold reward to be included in the conclusion of ongoing quest.


After much magical investigation and drawn conclusions, the party located the residence of Yuria's captor and traveled magically to her rescue. However they were met with a trapped room that barred their escape, and presented them with a riddle to solve in order to make their escape and rescue the girl that had been trapped as well creating a vexing puzzle for the heroes to solve. Tammuz not only created a hole in the wall to the next room, but melted his way to the rescue of the girl so that the party and the girl could escape the trap and move on to find their friend. TO BE CONTINUED…..