Xel T`lai
Xel T'lai
Aliases: "The White Lady"
Age: 30
Hair: Frost
Eyes: Glowing Acid-violet
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120
Race: Avariel
Class: Warlock 3
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Hlal
Level: 3
Experience: 3,635
Hit Points: 18/18
Gold: 1,470 gp
Current Status: Active
Themesong: Guardian Angel - The Frozen Autumn
Played by Sawbones


Xel is a dichotomous creature, to say the least. She looks washed out at best, as if all the color had been bled from her flesh and hair. Only a delicate, pale wash of lavender for her lips, the light lilac chips of color beneath her finger and toenails, and the dark claret irises of her clever eyes offer any sort of tint or shade to her otherwise bone-white form.

Perhaps the wings that erupted from her back were magnificent at one time; as it stands however they are mutilated, deformed. Feathers grow in ragged patches, scars rip their way through the soft down. The same scarring can be spotted at other areas of her body; lacerations around her thin neck, puncture wounds ripping so deeply through her wrists that the scars emerge on the other side.

She keeps her hair long, allowing it to curl well down her back; she often dresses in simple, pale robes, dresses, and practical adventuring wear. She is most often seen in a beautiful, finely crafted set of leather armor. The hide must have been tanned from some albino beast, as it is white inlaid with expert stitching and silver filigree. She normally wears leather leggings with this, along with soft-soled boots.