Aliases: Yuria or Sally
Age: 17 (No longer ages)
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Sea Blue
Height: 5ft'6"
Weight: 119 pounds
Race: Elan
Class: Psion 8, Crystal Master 10
Level: 18
Experience: 153,011
Next Level: 171,000
Hit Points: 192/192(Psionic Body Feat)
Gold: 16,958
Alignment: Neutral
Current Status: Active
Played by Lisa J.


A tall, gray skinned woman with blue hair and eyes the color of the ocean, Yuria "Remade" Townsend has awakened to the truth of her nature. As an Elan, she is shapely and pristine if not coming across as somewhat odd to the general populous. Despite her change, her eyes are still soulful with the burden of power psions have.

Picture 1: When Olivia and Yuria combine via the Fusion power, they become an extremely powerful psionic entity called "Yulivia."
Picture 2: The Psicrystal, Misha-Chan
Picture 3: Yuria herself.