Beneath the crook of the Granite Mountains on the eastern side of the Lost Valley lies the Underdark holdings of the drow, where they fled after their lands were struck down by Corellon Larethian for turning to the dark worship of the Spider Queen Loth, and then attempting to enslave the rest of the elven race. It was this last act that brought down the wrath not only of Corellon Larethian, but also of Matra and Umnos, for the unbalance that this would have caused, and for the direct intervention of a god in the affairs of mortals, rather than through the accepted channel of mortal servants. For this attempted overthrow of dominance on Therafim, and their refusal to give up their worship of the Spider Queen, the drow were banished from the surface, and their lands destroyed, leaving the wasteland now known as Godscar. In the depths, the drow encountered two races of abominations, with whom they have since formed a guarded but reasonably cordial relationship: the illithids or mind flayers, and the neogi. While these three races can hardly be said to trust each other, they have nevertheless formed a working relationship in their dominance of their section of the Underdark.

Major Races: Drow; illithid; neogi; assorted slaves.

Government: Theocratic Matriarchy (drow); Psychic Dominion (illithid); Plutocracy (neogi).

Nation Alignment: Neutral Evil

Major Cities
Zenomael: Zenomael proper, the city after which the region is named, is the primary city of the drow. Though there are several other such cities of the drow to be found across Therafim, none can quite rival Zenomael for its size, majesty, and decadence. A vast, cyclopean city beneath the surface, the drow carry on their way of life here as they have for countless ages, worshiping their dark goddess, basking in decadent excess, and scheming against each other only slightly less than they scheme against the surface world.

Splintermind: The largest illithid dominion, controlled by the oldest and most powerful of the many Elder Brains on Therafim, the Dominion of Splintermind boasts the largest population of mind flayers on Therafim, and most other Elder Brains living in the world owe at least passing allegiance to the Splintermind Elder Brain.

Shacklelock: More of a trading post than an actual city, albeit a very large trading post, Shacklelock is a neogi-owned neutral territory located roughly at the juncture where Godscar, Zenomael, Splintermind, and Kardun's territories all meet. It is the center for much of the slave trade that takes place in the Underdark of the Autumn Lands, and several other places as well. Surface dwellers are always in high demand in Shacklelock, and the neogi are known to pay handsomely for prisoners that they can sell off to Godscar, Kardun, Zenomael, or Splintermind.