Zombie Standoff

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Abby, level 4 halfling psion
Nyx, level 2 drow warlock/cleric
Tialys, level 4 high elf sorcerer
Jereck, level 1 elven cloistered cleric
Xel, level 2 avariel warlock

6 human zombies (CR 1/2 each, CR 3 total)

For Abby and Tialys: 160 xp for each.
For Nyx, Jereck, and Xel: 180 xp for each.

270 gp for each.

Quest Summary:
The party were caught in the deep deep dark dark deep dark woods, with zombies all around! They found a shack, and were able to hold off the seige of the undead long enough to make it through the night!